Basic InfoEdit

User: n8opot8oW Launcher: Axe Type: Balance

Main DescriptionEdit

Axe Minotaur is the spirit of a minotaur. The heaviest bey ever because it has metal on all its pieces. He is also considdered a dark bey in the vilage of Koma, but one can never be sure what power a bey contains until sombody with a good heart and a strong blader's spirit wields it.

Face bolt: MinotaurEdit

Minotaur's facebolt is made of gold with ruby, steel, and other sacred metals making up the making up the facebolt's print.

Energy Ring: MinotaurEdit

Minotaur has horns and can only fit on Axe. It can turn to go on at a 90 degree angle as well as it's usuall form. It is made of titanium forged in a powerful volcano.

Fusion Wheel: AxeEdit

Axe can only fit on Minotaur due to the two bars instead of the usual one. It can slice through any defense and gives it extreme attack.

Spin Track: Metal Ring 129 Edit

Sticking out around the bey, this can be put on one way to defend the bey or the other way to strike the underside of the bey.

Performance Tip: Eternal Metal Ball SharpEdit

Combining Metal Ball and Eternal Sharp, This Tip gives stamina and defense but is not easily knocked off ballance.

Launcher: AxeEdit


SlashMassacre- Minotaur's horns and the axe are both revealed that slice through almost any defensive techinque. Attack power is brought out to its full level

OmegaToss- Minotaur's axe wheel traps beys inside and can throw them away, dealing damage while keeping attacks away from it.


Special MoveEdit