This is the beyblade shop. You can buy beyblade here. Custom beys can be asked to be posted here by contacting n8opot8oW, the Shop Admin.

Free, 1st time only (Can be purchased for 100 if not your first bey)[edit | edit source]

Storm Pegasus

Flame Saggitario

Storm Aquario

Earth Virgo

Rock Leone

Thermal Picses

Mad Gasher

100[edit | edit source]

Dark Bull

Rock Orso

Earth Eagle

Ray Striker

Storm Capricorn

Rock Areis

Evil Gemios

Poison Serpent

200[edit | edit source]

Lightning L-Drago

Flame Byxis

Hades Kerbecs

Galaxy Pegasus

Killer Befowl

Rock Zurafa

Thermal Lacerta

Grand Cetus

Grand Capricorn

Legend Beyblade

Extreme Top System

300[edit | edit source]

Burn Fireblaze

Meteo L-Drago

Meteo L-Drago Rush

Dark Wolf

Flame Libra

Cyclone Herculeo

Vulcan Horuseus

Ray Gill

Sol Blaze

Dark Poesidon

Burn Wolf

Spiral Capricorn

500[edit | edit source]

Big Bang Pegasus

Fang Leone

Beat Lynx

Scythe Kronos

Mercury Anubis

Blitz Unicorno

Flash Sagittario

Phantom Orion

L-drago Destroy

Duo Uranus

Jade Jupiter


Death Quetzalcoatl

600[edit | edit source]

Diablo Nemesis

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