Unregistered Beyblade


Face Bolt: OrionEdit

The Face Bolt depicts "Orion", one of the 88 constellations. In Greek mythology, Orion or "The Hunter" was a giant huntsman who died at the hands of the giant scorpion, Scorpio, and was placed as a constellation in space along with Scorpio by the God of Sky and Thunder, Zeus. In some stories or was killed in others by Artemis. The design features the face of Orion.

Energy Ring: OrionEdit

Orion is a burgundy in color, with designs of notches on it's end. Orion has sharp spikes on it's sides which are meant to represent the top half of Orion's face. It also features eye-like stickers that can be used with the Constellation Fusion Wheel to create a grin or a face.

Fusion Wheel: ConstellationEdit

  • Weight: 82.6 grams

Constellation is a very thick wheel that outweighs Diablo and Twisted.It is a completely circular wheel with ridges lining around and has the Orion Constellation in the inside.It is perfect for people who would like to start on defense types

Spin Track: 130 Edit

130 is rare Spin Track of high height. The only other tracks with a height of 130 are Shield 130 and Wing Attack 130. It is done in a Dark Blue color.

Performance Tip Wing Wide SharpEdit

Wing wide sharp is basically a sharp,but wider and has wings that push the air up.its center is made of rubber to create friction on the floor to make it stay in place and make it harder to knock out. so,it is good for people who would like to focus on defense.

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