Elder is a blader who battled even before the metal saga. He battles now with many beys. It is said he gave John and Alix their beys.

Battling HistoryEdit

Elder once was part of the WBBA and now blades in many places. He trained in the Bey-Lin temple and even trained bladers like Doji, though Doji turned dark.


Elder likes to be mysterious. He Is fast for his old age and can disappear and appear Quickly.


Elder is the sensei of John and Alix.


Elder Trains John and Alix, no family relation is known.



Thunder Eagle (now owned by John)

Hyper Fireblaze (Now owned by Alix)

Famous BattlesEdit

Elder Using Hyper Fireblaze vs John using Thunder Eagle

Elder Using Thunder Eagle vs. Alix using Hyper Fireblaze

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