Flash Herculeo

Basic InfoEdit

User: Kerbecks999

Type: Defense

Main DescriptionEdit

Flash Herculeo is an extremely powerful bey. It has powers over light and animals. In double battles, he usually joins with Nemean Leone.

Face bolt: HerculeoEdit

This Beyblade represents the face of the Greek demi-god of Zeus, Hercules. In Greek myths, Hercules had 12 labors that he had to accomplish, one of these labors being to slay the Nemean Lion, and was favored by the goddess, Hera.


Energy Ring: HerculeoEdit

Herculeo has even weight distribution making it a good Energy Ring. It has 2 lion heads representing the invincible hide of The Nemean Lion that Hercules defeated in one of his tasks, on the Energy Ring.


Fusion Wheel: FlashEdit

The Flash 4D Fusion Wheel, highly resembles its predecessor, Flame. However, it's design has taken a more oval-like shape and appears to be made up of two parts. One part is circular while the other is ovular. Flash still retains its bows and small spikes though. One thing to note, is that it looks as if Flash has two Flame's stacked on top of one another, which is what it's two parts resemble. Flash is able to change modes.

Spin Track: Shield 130 Edit

S130 is a special Track with a ring around the Track's core. This Track was designed originally to be the largest Track in width so it could absorb hits, to reduce recoil, but BD145 is wider and absorbs hits more effectively. However, you can't use the exclusive Boost Mode so BD145 is not recommended with Jade. S130 is a rare height, as there are only a few Tracks with the same height: WA130 and 130, but this height is relatively pointless, and does not offer many advantages except Balance.


Performance Tip: Metal Ball Edit

Metal Ball, is a variation of Ball that as its name implies, is made of metal. It is the heaviest Performance Tip known. The metal allows for very low friction with the Stadium floor, while it's ball-shape allows for maximum contact with the Stadium floor, increasing friction and making it harder to knock out. This in turn has it stay in the central areas of the Stadium, and being a ball made of metal, it gives it a greatly balanced amount of friction.


Attack Mode- the wheel takes an oval shape and increases its attack. Attack mode is recommended more than Stamina due to the lack of stamina. Attack mode can last up to 2 and a half mins.

Stamina Mode- Flash takes a layered resemblance and increases its stamina Though stamina mode doesn’t hold too much stamina to stay up long, Stamina Mode spins up to 3 mins


No Abilitys currently utilized.

Special MoveEdit

sonic tornado


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