Basic InfoEdit

User: rex09x9

Launcher: Icicle Launcher

Type: Balance

Main DescriptionEdit

This bey is a bey that can protect itself against many attacks and jab out in recoil.

Face bolt: DragonisEdit

The Face Bolt depicts "Gamma Draconis", a star in the constellation, Draco. It is also known as Etamin or Eltanin, which is Arabic for "the great serpent". The design showcases Gamma Draconis, which is represented by a skeletal dragon looking to the right with it's jaws open and showing it's claws in a menacing appearance. The design itself, is white with an aquamarine hue while on a purple Face Bolt.

4D Energy Ring: DragonisEdit

  • Weight: 2.90 grams

Dragonis is a light translucent aqua blue that is primarily two-sided. Each side features diamonds like that of a gem, along with swirled arrows. There also appears to be two linear diamond-like arrows opposite of one another. Dragonis also features white lightning-bolt designs on purple decals, in reference as to how Omega Dragonis has the aptitude to conduct lightning in the anime.

Fusion Wheel: FreezeEdit

Four spikes jab out at the end slightly. 4 smaller spikes are in the frame and can either fit inside the bigger spikes or jab out for 8 spikes. It resembles Blitz, due to its ability to seperate spikes. There appears to have sdesigns that look like lightning on it. The spikes are somewhat short, in order to keep it's balance. This piece seems to have been created off of Blitz and Big Bang.

Spin Track: [130} Edit

130 is a Spin Track of high height. The only other tracks with a height of 130 are Shield 130 and Wing Attack 130 and they are found in a pearl white color.

Performance Tip: EWD (Eternal Wide Defense)Edit

  • Weight: 1.2 grams

Eternal Wide Defense (EWD) is a variation of the Bearing series of Performance Tips. As it's name suggests, EWD is a variation of WD with a bearing-based gimmick. While retaining the same appearance as WD, EWD features a bearing implemented at the tip of it. This allows EWD for better balance and spin-retaining force. Unlike it's infamous counterpart ES, EWD does not suffer from the balance problems that ES contains due to EWD's wide-shape to allow it to recover it's balance. Overall, EWD is a great Performance Tip for Stamina amongst Tips such as WD, PD, EDS, and B:D. EWD's only downside is that it's performance will eventually change once it has been worn out and less grip on the stadium floor and can be flung all over by attack types.


Launcher Icicle: LauncherEdit

Icicle launcher is made of ice with grooves for excelent grip.


4 Spike form- It has a lot of stamina

8 Spike form- It has more attack then 4-Spike form


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Special MoveEdit

Icicle Freeze- The opponent’s bey freezes and slowly stops spinning.


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