Red 2headed dragon

Basic InfoEdit

User: n8opot8oW

Launcher: LR Launcher

Type: Attack

Main DescriptionEdit

This new L-Drago now can spin BOTH WAYS, allowing for maximum attack power.

Face bolt: L-DragoEdit

The Face on this Beyblade depicts Draco, one of the 88 constellations in space. Draco is Latin for "dragon".

Energy Ring: L-Drago LREdit

This new L-Drago ring has the same 3 heads but another 3 going in the opposite direction. This Ring can fit only on Gemini so far.

Fusion Wheel: GeminiEdit

Gemini is a fusion wheel that holds L-Drago. So far it can only fit on L-R L-Drago. It is a lot like a mix of Gaurdian and Destroy, allowing for attack or defence,

Spin Track: Left Right Wing 992Edit

Left right wing has four wings that alternate direction from left to right.

Performance Tip: Rubber Hole FlatEdit

Rubber hole flat is a rubber version of hole flat.

Launcher: LR LauncherEdit

LR launcher can be launched both ways, left and right. It has two sets of prongs, one going left and one going right. The extra prongs can be removed and stored in a clip on the Launcher's side.


Defend- L-Drago has higher defense by covering the parts that look like destroy's pieces

Attack- L-Drago covers the Parts that look like guardian and bosts its attack.


None Known Yet

Special MoveEdit

None Known Yet