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User: rex09x9, Izac

Type: Balance

Main DescriptionEdit

Ice Dragonis is the original form of Freeze Dragonis. It appears in Beyblade- Metal Thunder. It is found in the arctic and was originally made completely of ice.

Face bolt: DragonisEdit

The Face Bolt depicts "Gamma Draconis", a star in the constellation, Draco. It is also known as Etamin or Eltanin, which is Arabic for "the great serpent". The design showcases Gamma Draconis, which is represented by a skeletal dragon looking to the right with its jaws open and showing its claws in a menacing appearance. The design itself, is white with an aquamarine hue while on a purple Face Bolt.

Energy Ring: DragonisEdit

Dragonis is a light translucent aqua blue that is primarily two-sided. Each side features diamonds like that of a gem, along with swirled arrows. There also appears to be two linear diamond-like arrows opposite of one another.

Fusion Wheel: IceEdit

Ice is a wheel that looks a lot like a saw.

Spin Track: Icicle:Drive Edit

I:D is made of hollow plastic with water on the inside. The water doesn’t fill the entire hollow area. A freezing device is placed inside so that the water can freeze, increasing the weight of the drive. It is a very tall spike with a rounded end.


Drive Freeze- The freezing component kicks in and freezes the water in the spin track. This increases spin speed but decreases stamina unless the bey is completely upright.

Special MoveEdit

No special moves currently known.


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