Here you can get information from the master, Master N8 to be exact. You can also ask for permissoion to do things, ask for advice, and even suggest things to put on the wiki.

(Please note that asking for registration, shopping, or gifts will have their comments deleted, please place them on the corresponding pages.)

Make some things clearEdit

Rex09x9 is getting too big for his britches.

Said user is not 2nd in command. In fact, i had many good reasons for removing his admin status. While he is right, I want you to edit pages, cirtain pages, such as rules, reff status (besides signing the agreement with my permission), registered beyblade, the main page (the admin chart and the affiliates), shop items and prices (without my permission, please ask to do things that you aren't sure you can do here) are not editable besides by the Master Admin (only n8, don't ask, you won't get), or the admin in charge of that station. You can make beyblade, make characters, sign up for stories, and do many other things. I have a constant e-mail list of who is editing what and what they edited so don't try it. You will be banned. Not only that, but Kerbecs999 is a good friend of mine who's advice helped me decide to fire rex. I was nice and gave him assistant but I can repeal. Please note that removing any user's admin status without my permission will be punished with forbidden status. Trust me, that's not good. You will be banned from editing, commenting, chatting, and any other wiki features FOR-E-VER!

N8opot8oW 18:33, March 27, 2012 (UTC)


Please note that I do not want any of my beyblade leaking into beyblade fanon. My beyblade were coppied but please don't give them our Ideas. I try to be as fair as possible and will not take any beyblade from them besides mine. If i could delete them from fanon, i would.

Goodbye, FriendsEdit

This will be my last post as i am announcing on all pages that this wiki is closing. In July pages will begin to be deleted as the wiki is shut down. If you want to keep them, transfer them to Beyblade Fanon. I will be there too.

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