Reffs[edit | edit source]

Reffs Decide when one bey loses and one bey wins. They decide stadiums, what kind of battle it is, and if upgraded launchers are allowed. They also give permission for bladers to use their special moves. They can also cause special events (explosions, black holes, storms, lightning, spontanious combustion, big bangs, tornadoes, windstorms, all that cool stuff) to occur. They solve arguments.

Current Reff List[edit | edit source]


Kadoya Masamune


Rex09x9 (as soon as agreement is signed)

Pokemonspriter2000 (As soon as agreement is signed)

Reff Oath Of Neutrality[edit | edit source]

As a reff, I will not take sides

I will make all battles fair

All players will sometimes hit

All will sometimes miss

I will give special move permission at the same time

I will not use my power to cause special events to help one player win.

I swear this on my status as a reff.

Sign your name below if you agree-

N8opot8oW 22:04, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

Number1Noob 1:31, March 5, 2012 (UTC)

Kadoya Masamune 1:23 March 5,2012 (UTC)

How To Become a Reff[edit | edit source]

All Admins get reff status automatically, but they still can have it taken away by abusing their privelages. You must be observed in a practice battle where you reff to gain privelages. Sign up to take the practice below. To avoid confusion, you must also take a quiz in PM with a current reff about Special Move Permissions, Making sure you make it fair, and Special Events

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