Cerberus 100170777 m

Basic InfoEdit

User: Kerbecks999


Type: defense

Main DescriptionEdit

This is an upgraded version of Hades Kerbecs. Though not given the power of a 4D bey yet, It has potential.

Face bolt: KerbecsEdit

The Face Bolt depicts Cerberus. In Greek and Roman mythology, Cerberus or Kerberos, was the three-headed hound of the Underworld ruler, Hades, who guarded the Gates of Hell. The design shows Cerberus' three heads on a translucent Dark Purple background. The Cerberus heads seem to be biting a chain, going through the edge of their mouths.

Energy Ring: KerbecsEdit

Kerbecs has a three winged designs like Hades with a notch separating each. It is among the heaviest Energy Rings and is red in color, next to Bull and others. It is very useful in Defense and Stamina customizations, especially on Hell. Its black designs and the gold designs represent the chains of Hades. The orange parts at the sides of the chains represent fire. Kerbecs is very useful when paired with the Hades Fusion Wheel in combos such as Hell Kerbecs BD145WD or Hades Kerbecs BD145EWD (Boost Mode). An extremely good Defense combo such as MF-H Earth/Basalt Kerbecs GB145RS is pretty useful to defeat low & high Attack customs.

Fusion Wheel: ShadowEdit

Shadow is black and gold. The Wings are lower and longer so that they can attack the underneath of the bey. Golden Spikes Replace the notches.

Spin Track: Shield 130 Edit

This spin track protects the bottom of the bey if attacked.

Performance Tip: Metal Ball Edit

This performance tip increases stamina and defense.

Launcher: hades launcherEdit

This launcher shoots the bey at a powerful shot.


Spin Drain- The bey takes spin from the opponent and increases it's own

Special MoveEdit

Supernova- The bey sends out a small blast and creates a black hole.