Here you buy special moves and abilities. You get 1 free custom special move and 1 free custom ability per Beyblade.

Order specialized Moves (500 points) in the comments.

Abilities (Free)[edit | edit source]

Please note all abilities have to go along with the bey in some way.

Claw Omega Strike- Part needed=any claw piece

Change Height- Part needed= Any Height changing spin track or performance tip.

Tip Change- Part needed= Any tip that can change tip modes

Spin Track Change- Part Needed= A mode changing spin track

Turn Energy Ring- Part needed= An energy ring like L-Drago that can change modes when turned

Eternal Defense- Part Needed= Any form of the eternal defense spin track

Gravity Ball Spin Defense- Part needed= any form of gravity ball

Ultimate Defense- Part Needed= any Sheild Piece

Custom Abilities can be ordered for 100 Points. Until they are accepted by admin, you must put Unregistered Ability.png (Unregistered Ability)

Special Moves[edit | edit source]

Show moves (Moves in the anime) can be bought for 100 for the bey they are used by.

Custom Special Moves can be designed but must have Unregistered Special Move.png (Unregistered Special Move) written next to it.

Elements[edit | edit source]

Elements are in the bey;s spirit based on what it is.

Current Elements:

Element Special Ability Special Ability Effect
Ice Freeze Defends self with wall of ice
Fire Burn Strike Bursts of flame lowers opponent's spin speed
Darkness Shadow Mode Copys user's movements
Electric Thunderstrike Attacks with a lightning bolt that leaves craters in the ground
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