Basic InfoEdit

User: n8opot8oW

Launcher: Zeus’s Bolt, Electric Launcher

Type: Balance

Main DescriptionEdit

After being struck by lightning while facing Minotaur, the broken Thunder Eagle evolved into the new Zap Eagle with amazing power and 4D capability.

Face bolt: EagleEdit

The Face on this Beyblade depicts Aquila, Latin for, "Eagle" and one of the 88 constellations in space. In mythology, Aquila is Jupiter's pet eagle, which is featured on this Beyblade's Face. Now, the eagle is a white bellied sea eagle.

Facebolt EAGLE BB47 20917

Energy Ring: EagleEdit

Eagle was first released in a translucent purple color. Each side of the Energy Ring represents an Eagle's pair of wings, with the notches on either side representing its head. This form is white with yellow lightning bolt stripes. It also has brown beaks.


Fusion Wheel: ZapEdit

Zap is like many lightning bolts going around in a circle. On the side, it says Zap Wheel. The core has spikes that can either stick out between the bolts to attack or be stored inside the bolts.

Spin Track: Metal Claw 145Edit

MC145 is the metal version of C145.

Performance Tip: Metal Coated Spike Edit

This form of coated spike is still surrounded by rubber but the core is sharper and made of metal. The outside has a thicker layer of rubber.

Launcher: Zeus’s BoltEdit

Zeus’s bolt is shaped like a lightning bolt. It contains the power of the bolt that evolved Eagle into Zap eagle. With a press of a button, this launcher speeds up so much that Eagle has a massive amount of spin speed, allowing long stamina, better defense and more attacks.


Rapid Attack- The spikes on the fusion wheel aren’t showing, allowing for a continuous attack.

Smash Attack- The spikes on the fusion wheel show, smashing into the bey when it strikes, causing the beys to fly apart.


Claw Omega Strike- Eagle strikes the enemy with MC.

Special MoveEdit

Eagle Hunting Swoop- Eagle tilts own, strikes the opponent, throws the opponent into the air, and strikes the opponent right before it hits the ground, usually resulting in a stadium out.


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